Rowley Maldonado publishes a number of messages in which he promises to fight people who affect his family

Raul Maldonado, the son of former Secretary of the Treasury Raul Maldonado, released a number of messages on social media today, promising that “those who confuse his family” will see the consequences.

Their revelations come just hours after the Justice Department recommended the appointment of an Independent Special Advocate (FEI) to investigate violations of the Penal Code by Maldonado Sr.

“I was quiet, now is my way of doing it. Every action has its consequences. I know they are going to screw up when the last government falls,” Rowley wrote, referring to the corruption unleashed by telegraph chat. To the resignation of former Governor Ricardo Rochelle.

The former officer’s son said other government structures were pending to be “thrown away” and he was not afraid of the threats or consequences he might receive from them.

“I tell all of them not to associate with my family. Contact me to see what happens. I have no details of their lives. I take them out. I list husbands, how you got generals jobs. Underestimate what is happening,” Moldonado Jr. Continued.

Justice recommended the FEI to assess Moldonado’s father Fraud e Improper intervention In government action, as a result of the awarding of the 2017-000246 Agreement between the Department of the Treasury and Risco Insurance, Inc. for 1 April 2017.

In another message released, Rowley warned that “all structures” that confuse his family, “I will take out all of their mediocrity and case selection and ignorance when they interview witnesses”.

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