Rover Spirit landing on Mars

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January 3, 2004, Mars Exploration Rover Soul I started making history. It landed on the Red Planet for the first time, embarking on one of NASA’s longest and most successful missions – and earthing helped Earthlings to better understand the wonderful universe in which we live.

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Soul His twins also joined him Opportunity Three weeks later, rovers discovered the potential for water on the planets as a result of rock experiments. The landing site of the second study will be similar to the sea floor.

The main mission was thought to last 90 days or 90 Mars days, but the rovers were so durable that they orbited the planet for years to collect data.

To give an example of how much Soul Done, let’s talk about distance. NASA only wanted to cover 600 meters or 0.4 miles. Instead, score 7.73 km, Or 4.8 miles. As a result, NASA was able to gather tons of geological data on the planet, which was more than expected. This is what made humans dream about colonizing Mars.

We learned More. We knew there were dust demons on Mars just like we do on Earth. Was able to better map the surface of Mars, as well as better understand the types of materials each region is made of. This is a great job in every sense of the word.

Unfortunately, on May 1, 2009, Soul Trapped in soft sand. This was not the first time during the voyage that the rover had been able to function as a standard analytical tool for some time, with NASA trying to figure out how to remove it. That never happened. On January 26, 2010, NASA announced that it would never be relocated. Opportunity Keep researching.

It’s been two months Then, Soul Stop sending to NASA. Fourteen months later, NASA announced that it was no longer trying to contact the rover, describing its mission as complete.

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