Roberto Romano explains why his love affair with Alicia Machado ended

At the end of 2021, Robert Roman Became a trend on social networks and monopolized attention on more than one occasion because of his participation Famous house It’s one of the most controversial, but it’s one of the most popular shows on Telemundo’s reality show.

The celebrity was mentioned for the close friendship he had with the influencer from the very beginning of the show Kimberly Flores He then came to maintain a relationship with the winner Alicia Machado, It was quick, but apparently very emotional.

In an interview for Radio Formula, the actor admitted that it was difficult to participate in a reality show, however, it helped people to know the truth. Robert Roman And not a character.

“It was the best experience of my life, I never saw myself on a reality show, but it encouraged me to let people know who I was. Robert Roman, In the end I think the public response was positive, I think I was able to interact with people, for me reality show is a life experience, one of the strongest in my life as an actor and a person. … The hardest thing is to live with strangers, to avoid conflicts and not to communicate outside.

Despite the controversy that could have armed him with his actions, the actor confirms that he remains silent as he has never played any role: “I do not know what will happen when I leave, But in the end people can recognize that it’s a reality show … a lot of people have told me what my strategy is, I did not really come up with a strategy, my strategy should be me because it guides you. To get involved in the game, I was 100% true.

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About the breakup with him Alicia Machado, After the show, it was revealed that this happened because they both have different commitments and life goals: “We are fine, she is now focused on her family, I am focused on my work, she lives in the US, I live in Mexico, unfortunately the weather is not in our favor. We got along so beautifully at home, she is the person I am most attached to, she is so nice to me, I love her so much, she and I only congratulate each other.

He added that the relationship would never have happened if it had not been for the project: “Actually, I do not know who he is. Alicia Machado, I do not know who he is. I met her on a reality show.

Looking for something other than friendship with Maneli?

Captured in the birthday celebration after the celebrity Mane, Talked about the possibilities for the two to have a relationship beyond friendship, however, he himself clarified: “Mane is a best friend, she is also one of the people I have a relationship with, I don’t really look bad. One. Manelik And I’m just friends. “

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