Robert Kennedy, the tattooed Brazilian of Don Ramon Mediotaimbo

Mexico City /

This was not the case before NexaxaIt can be Don Raman’s love teamBut I did Before the other from MexicoWhere does this iconic character come from? Sao del OchoThus, people’s interest was rekindled.

And that’s it Brazilian Robert Kennedyof ChelseaFaced tonight AmericaIn a friendly match held in Allegiant StadiumHouse off Las Vegas Raiders of NFLAnd remember the good tip his tattoo, This leads precisely That figure of Mexican Broadcasting Cespirito.

South American, who has played before New CastleA fan ContAnd from course Ramon ValdezSo he decided Scratch On top of that the back of his right legThe Its facewho is the father Cylindrina and used in stock boy, but a legend in Portuguese translated into Spanish says: There is no bad job, only a bad thing to work. Oh gosh!

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