Ricardo La Volpe describes Monterrey’s dismissal as unsportsmanlike

In a post on his Twitter social network, El Picoton said that if Mexican football had played like Europe, Rayados would have been crowned with the title without any problems.

“In a ‘normal’ championship, Monterey would be the champion… This is a league. It’s not a game,” La Volpe said at the end of the match. BBVA Stadium.

Based on these words, the experienced coach received several responses, reminding him that he had been in Mexico long enough to make that point.

“La Volpe League has been normal in Mexico since 1970. That’s how you came to Mexico, that’s how you became a champion, that’s how you lost in the finals, that’s how you made a name for yourself, the most important thing. Extraordinary soccer,” the post read. Felix FernandezThe answer is former La Volpe player.

A consortium of owners will analyze the competitive structure

It is estimated that the meeting will take place at the offices of the Mexican Football Federation, but it is not yet known whether it will be held in person or electronically in recent years.

In the same way, rotation Yon de Luisa As Femexfut’s president, he is likely to take over for the next term World Cup 2026.

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