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Controversial action On the deadline The Peruvians are still in the retina against Uruguay at the Centenario Stadium. This time, He spoke about the alleged invalid target in an interview with Argentine journalist Martin Lieberman.

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“It simply came to our notice then. It is very difficult to work without faith, because … How can we work if we do not believe in something? I want to believe that everything has good intentions, not bad intentions. ”Announced Kareka on the show ‘Lieberman My Linea’.

“It’s an attempt to trust and adhere to the decisions that are made, and the VAR, beyond its shortcomings, we know from looking at it, but I want to believe that the intention is to improve the game.”‘Tiger’ added.

Later, the coach of the Peruvian team mentioned how to improve the use of VAR in the future. “Then how we can improve and complete it will be analyzed with the trainees. Because I believe in this profession (football), it makes no sense for me to start working and run.Done.

Ricardo Carreca in Christian Cueva

“He gives you many alternatives because he can play on the wings, behind the striker. He’s very restless. He makes a good left diagonal in the middle, but needs passing options. They are players who break axes with triple.”‘Tigre’ revealed Kareka during his presentation on ESPN’s F Táctico project.

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Immediately, Blanquirroja’s DT commented on another feature offered by “Aladino” and focused on the penalty for losing to Denmark in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. “The Peruvian team has its own psychologist and coach, but Quவாva is very strong mentally.Under control.

“The goal was, he looked at me, I guess so. If it’s something to think about, I think it’s because we live in important, difficult moments.In the international network he started the former DT of the Universitario de Deports in the midfield of Al Fateh from Saudi Arabia.

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