Reasons why Sebastian Cordova is in awe of Sivas

The Sivas de Guadalajara Are very close to announcing the official arrival Sebastian Cordova, The man who had no problem starting talks with the Rojiplanka leadership, persuaded him without major problems, would soon join the ranks of the strategist Marcelo Michael Liano, Monday, December 6, waiting for his players.

+ Shivas Stove football heading to the 2022 Glasura of the MX League

Repano Pacion was able to learn that Cordova was surprised by this opportunity From He is not with the Rojiplanka leadership The setback in accepting the proposed contract and salary terms, rather than for this reason, quickly reached an agreement Uriel Antuna, Someone who wants a substantial pay rise, so no Organized with the United States.

The idea of Guadalajara is set to officially announce the hiring of Cர்டrdoba next Monday Through a press conference, the player must once inform the club of his participation Mexican team Will play a friendly match on Wednesday, December 8 against Chile in Dallas, Texas.

One of the exchanges between Uriel Antuna and Sebastian Cordova Most notable transactions in recent times, However “Brujo” is a fact. He can not show his best football with the Guadalajara jersey, where he came up with one of the bombing signings in 2019. Alexis Pena, Christian Calderon and Jesus Anglo, Who was the only profitable object.

What will Sivas’ preseason be like

The first phase of the preseason will be hosted by Barra de Navidat. Jalisco; From December 10 to 17, the team of players will focus on looking for the best body tone to face the semester competition in the best possible way. At this point they will play one Friendly game against Colima on Friday the 17th of the same month and against Zacotecas on the 22nd. Already in the second phase of training, and representing the greatest burden on the team, the sessions will take place in the facilities. Verde Valle from December 20 to January 2.

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