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On Saturday, Deportivo refused to travel to the Independent Medal for the main role of the Independent Medal at the Jaragu Stadium, for obvious reasons. Well, the situation with enjoying the Colombian coast is about reaching a city that is completely militarized, and C கோrdoba is no exception.

The city of Monteria is going through a difficult moment when public order plays a key role due to an armed strike by a group called the Glan del Golfo. The Cordoba sector is one of the areas most affected by these events.

Medellin refused to travel for obvious reasons, as it was to protect the club’s professionals and technicians against the potential event of what was happening in Montreal. However, DeMire did not understand that the city was under military control because of this armed strike.

Demeyer, who refused to reschedule the meeting, ignored two adjournment motions made by the head of the Deportivo Independent Medal. Similarly, the behavior of the Jaguars de Cordoba was to deny the possibility of changing the date of programming of the game.

Jaguar’s behavior caused a stir among Colombian professional footballers, as well as Demeyer’s denials. Some footballers shared their opinion and spread it through their social networks, especially on Twitter.

In these complaints, they asked about their role as footballers, the intent that the highest body of Colombian football holds over them for not protecting the personal integrity of the players and the remorse on the part of their rival in support of the action. Postponement.

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One of them, Sebastian Vieira, simply posted a picture of Jaguar de Cordoba on the playing field, saying, ‘Everything has a limit!’ With the elusiveness of, he made his position clear. Help each other and understand the situation you are experiencing in the city.

With the exception of Sebastian Veera, Fernando Eurip questioned the role of the footballer in terms of how Demeyer views them. ‘That’s how we are, they treat us like slaves. Unpredictable. That’s why young people, don’t be afraid to make economic decisions because those who want to manipulate the game make money at the expense we create, convincing us that we have to do it “for the love of art”. . ”A dart more than a disgrace against the company.

Like Pereira’s captain Fernando Uribe, Johnny Vazquez continued with DeMaire’s perspective on footballers, ‘The question is how do footballers view us in this country? Machines or humans? In such a short time they are leaving Colombian football so bad !!! And we as players do not have much in common or togetherness. We remember we have a family. ‘

Medal players like Andrés Ricaurte and Felipe Pardo were clear. Ricaurte released a video of the military commenting, ‘If a city is militarized, the first thing it shows is that it is not guaranteed.’ For his part, Bardo questioned the opposing team that appeared at the Jaragua Stadium, saying, “We have incredible colleagues … regrettable,” and also tagged the official accounts of Madeleine, the Jaguars and the Colombian Football Confederation.

Mauricio attacked Molina Jaguares and DeMaire in their networks, saying, ‘Players, coaching staff and Medellin’s relatives are simply afraid for their integrity and safety. Dimayor and Jaguares de Córdoba have no regrets. A football game is no more important than life! ‘

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