Rao Alejandro: “I have an urban street, what people want”

Mexico City. Puerto Rican singer of urban music during his time in Mexico City Raw Alejandro This Friday he promised that the type of champions he would do was “what people want” and admitted that his musical influences included people like Mexican. Louis Miguel Y Selena.

“For me the city is the street, through which I am the city, what that city really wants, and moving the people of the city and determining where the music is, it’s everyone’s magic., Mentioned the author of “Dodo TD” in a virtual conference with the national media.

The song “Tondo TD”, which currently tops the charts in Mexico, has not only changed Rao’s appearance since “Pantas” was released in 2019, but also has more traditional sounds. reggaeton to pop.

I’m taken off my braids since “Fondas” (then his career) was a drastic change., The singer replied, saying he doesn’t want less than the track Michael Jackson.

Alejandro is in Mexico to promote his latest single “Wise Converse”. Jennifer Lopez, He will be participating in the “Gambia El Paso” and MTV Meow Awards, where he will have a presentation and will be nominated for an MIAW Artist.

The 28-year-old singer admits to being a big fan of Mexican artists Selena, Louis Miguel and the band Reich, Then he announced that there was a surprise on the doorstep.

“When I was little I used to sing Louis Miguel songs, and I sang them for women.”Said the artist.

Rao’s affection for Mexico intensified when his first fans joined the country. In addition, he performed for the first time at a big festival with Flow Fest in 2019, and that’s something he carries “in his heart” until he becomes “old”, he says.

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That’s why he announced his commitment to the whole of March 2022 to offer a tour of Mexico.

At his presentation at the MTV Meow Awards in MTV Latin America on July 13, Rao said he was delighted to be a part of the event for the first time and could expect nothing more than public surprises.

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