Ramos Risso criticized the TUDN exchange due to Miguel Lyon

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Philip Ramos Risso Clarified that Miguel Lyon Should have been eliminated in the game USA against Puma By a slap from behind Jose RogarioIn doing so, he criticized the arguments they defended during the TUDN broadcast about the player’s continuity in the match.

Paco Villa Protected if in contact It would have been “a little too much” if it had deserved red, When Francisco Fonseka and George Zamogilni They promised that whatever the contact area was it would be outside the party, now the versions questioned by the TUDN analyst.

The argument they give in exchange If the stump is above the ankle it is red or below or the ankle is yellow This is a lie, it is not in order, Lion’s move out “, Ramos Risso analyzed.

Publication, Villa and Awareness of Russian They responded to those who impressed them Clarify what your opinion is Obeys the versions of intelligent people With people chatting about these types of plays and who they should be sent to.

The Russians admitted that there were no such specifications in the regulation, but pointed it outSome former referees have given us that hint Find out when the discharge will be yellow or ”

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