Radhamés Jiménez has yet to join the Medusa operation

Advocate and former Attorney General of the Republic, Radhams Jimenez Bina considered the charge of the case Operation Medusa Also against ex-lawyer Jean Alain Rodriguez “impossible” hence “I haven’t integrated it yet”; He, however, highlighted the expertise of the current public ministry, but said the allegations must be proven “in an oral, public and adversarial hearing before the court”.

A formal allegation for the corrupt structure persecuted in Operation Medusa It includes 41 people and 22 companies, most of whom are entrepreneurs. According to the indictment, those involved were part of a corruption network that operated out of the Attorney General’s office and defrauded the government of more than 6,000 million pesos.

organ justice He was accused of violating Sections 123, 124, 166, 167, 265, 266 and 405 of the Penal Code, which describe and recognize collusion of officers, antagonism, association of criminals and fraud against the state.

“What the public ministry is proposing is unheard of. Never seen even in the worst moments of a democratic system,” he replied Radhams JimenezIt considers the allegation “impossible” until proven in a trial.

Jimenez, who was the Attorney General of the Republic for six years in the administration of former President Leonel Fernandez, said: “I am always very honored and very honored to have passed there.

Christian Jimenez, the political leader of the People’s Army, said that sometimes things are seen, so he distanced himself while passing extra judgment in the background, when he was interviewed on the program “Encuentro Extra” hosted by Color Vision on Saturdays.

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Assessing the negative impact that the Medusa case could have on the image of politicians, he explained that it certainly does, however, he considered it necessary to analyze whether the events took place in a public, verbal and discursive inquiry. As stated by the General Ministry.

“I think there is a professionalism in the public ministry that we believe in through that institution. One of the main goals that we set for ourselves is the professionalization and independence of that public ministry that is now being talked about as independence.” He reflects.

Jimenez acknowledged that the independence of the Public Ministry from the executive branch was an achievement that began and developed during the administration of Dr. Francisco Domínguez Brito.

He argued that today the Attorney General of the Republic cannot interfere in the processes, for example, carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office for the prosecution of corruption cases.

Jimenez Peña recalled that during his time at the Attorney General’s Office, the foundation for the creation of an independent public ministry was laid in the administration of President Leonel Fernández.

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