Rachel Theas Returns to TV: When? Where?


Rachel Thias returns to Spanish language television at Univision.

Russell Diaz He returns to Spanish language television as a guest presenter on Univision’s morning show “Despierta América”. The Cuban star left Telemundo in 2020 to stay out of the media.

Theas will be working as a guest TV presenter on the Univision show from Monday 16th August to Friday 20th August.

“Coming back from the cameras a year later I am glad to be doing what I am interested in, joining you, sharing with the wonderful team, lovingly serving everyone who sees us,” said the famous translator. Official profile After announcing the news of his special participation in the production of Univision TV on Instagram.

Russell Theas is warmly welcomed by the editors of “Desperate America” ​​on Monday, August 16. For her first appearance on the hit TV show, the talented Cuban chose an orange dress to match her curved figure.

The reactions of the Spanish-speaking audience did not wait for Theas’ surprise appearance on the Univision show on social media: “She’s a woman, she’s right to stay on the show”, “They should definitely leave her, she’s a great communicator and a great man”, “Leave her immediately, she’s a good Host ”,“ You need a person like her, very professional and smart ”,“ It’s great to see her back on TV, be confident in the project ”.

Diaz was a guest on “Desperate America” ​​in early 2021

In February, Rachel Diaz made a special appearance on “Desperate America” ​​to celebrate her 25th art career in the Spanish-speaking media.

Following his participation in the show, Unvision audiences speculated that the star would join the group of presenters for the TV production. At that point, both the producer and Theas announced the appearance as a guest.

Prior to joining Telemundo, Rachel Theas was one of the university’s top talents for 10 to 10 years, appearing on successful TV shows such as “Zapado Gigande”.

The star was shot in 2020 from Telemundo

Rachel Thias is one of the television providers who was removed from Telemundo in 2020 amid the restructuring of the famous Spanish language television network.

Diaz’s talent, charisma and sympathy have made him one of the most beloved stars of Spanish language television in the United States over the past twelve years, appearing on the entertainment show “Your Nuevo Dia” on Telemundo.

After she unexpectedly left Telemundo, the 48-year-old translator focused on her face with her as a businessman. Online accessories shop Worked as an ambassador for a large cosmetics company.

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