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She is a renowned Colombian actress who has worked hard in various international productions. One of his latest projects “”, Where he plays Yemi Montoya. The artist stands out for his new and direct personality, which has captivated the public who follow him through social networks.

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In your account Instagram, Ramirez has amassed more than 2 million followers, who he knows day by day because Callena is so active on her profile that she stands out with spontaneous releases and valuable news.

Carolina made her acting debut through this show “Reader” In 2002, when he was 19, he never stopped. Next, learn about the most important roles of the wife Mariano Bacalenic.

Carolina debuted in 2002 with “La Lectora” (Photo: Carolina Ramirez / Instagram)

“The Bola”

One of the most recognizable novels of his career, published in 2010. In this production, Carolina gives life. Like Salvador, The independent heroine of Colombia. “Like La” is often based on real events and has won numerous awards for outstanding work done in its production.

“Daughter of Mariachi”

Ramirez got his first lead role “Daughter of Mariachi” At the age of 23. His character was like that Rosario, A young woman with a kind character who knows how to win over the audience; The novel took her to stardom.

“Seventh Door: Indescribable Stories”

In the occult series, the actress plays the investigator Jenny Candela, He is in charge of analyzing extraordinary and terrifying events along with his partner actor Jorge Lopez in fiction. Despite being a new genre at the time, the show won a place in audience hearts and had 262 episodes.


In the series that follows the life of Pedro Pablo Leon Geraillo, Ramirez refers to teenagers Mariale, The sister of ‘Pro’ who charms Capo. His character is very apt because he is a participant in the crimes led by Leon Jaramillo.

“Traps of Love”

A few months after starring in “Like La”, Carolina returned to the lead role in Telenowella “Traps of Love”, The place where he played Mariana Solano, A lawyer who was about to get married, but was sown by her boyfriend.

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