Pumas Vs. Tigers, score, summary and goal: Visit CU wins and comes away with an advantage for the return leg

A fight that looked like more, but a takedown ended up breaking it up. Pumas and Tigres played a very even first half in the first leg of the Liguilla semi-final, but with a less mesmerizing second half, Jesus Angulo’s long-range goal settled the visit.

In University City, Opportunities came in both areas. First by UANL Nicholas Ibanez, He replaced Andre-Pierre Gugnac and was more active up front. Natural Mexico even had a volley that hit Argentina’s left post Julio GonzalezA scorer of many goals, but in opposition, he left a lot to be desired.

In the second half, the match was a breaking point, with Expulsion of Santiago Trigos UNAM came away with 10 on a tough tackle. From there, the visitors dominated, and on a corner kick, the ball was released to Angulo, who caught it with his left foot and beat Gonzalez, the only celebration of the night. And a cat benefit to return Volcano.

How was Pumas vs Tigres? Final score

Equipment 1D 2D final
Cougars 0 0 0
Tigers 0 1 1


  • Bum – S. Trigos – Minimum 61


  • TIG – J. Angulo – Minimum 73

Summary and goal against the Pumas. Tigers

Min 90+6. Game ends in CU! Tigres takes a narrow victory and gains an advantage on the return leg on the volcano.

Min 90+4. Chile from Molina forces Guzmán to stop in two positions, though his positioning helps him avoid the fall of his fence.

90 minutes. The referee adds six units.

Minute 89. A caption that goes close to Guzman’s frame.

Minute 88. The Tigers relax a lot and the Pumas now dare to attack, earning a new corner kick.

Minute 87. Yellow card for Nicolas Ibanes.

Minute 84. Another change in Tigers. Corrieran leaves the field and Sebastian Fierro takes his place. Likewise, Sebastian Cordova departs for Marcelo Flores.

Minute 80. Diego Lines and Javier Aquino are replaced by Raymundo Fulgencio and Vladimir Llorona at Tigres.

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Minute 77. After the goal, the visitor controls the ball and plays more relaxed.

Minute 73. Tigers goal! After a corner kick, Jesus Angulo unleashes a long-range left-footed shot that defies the fence of Gonzalez, who almost deflects it.

Minute 69. Gorriarán’s long-range shot tries to surprise Gonzalez, but it goes wide of the target.

Minute 66. Jesus Molina, Pablo Munro and Rodrigo Lopez joined the Pumas. Salvio, Aldred and Ulysses Rivas leave.

Minute 64. Trikos’ red now complicates the game for the Pumas, with one less now, it will be more difficult to find the target.

Minute 61. Santiago Trigos receives a yellow card. However, the referee reviewed the VAR and decided to send him off.

Minute 60. Change in tigers. Juan Pablo Vicon leaves, Ozil Herrera enters.

Minute 56. The Pumas’ joint play culminates in control, cutting and finishing Chinese Huerta, but the ball goes up.

Minute 53. Del Brete’s left foot that goes past one side of Guzmán’s frame.

Minute 52. Ulises Rivas condemned.

Minute 51. The ball became concentrated and almost complicated in a small area that caused confusion for Julio Rodriguez.

Minute 47. Yellow card for Guido Pizarro.

Minute 46. Change in Pumas. Enter Gustavo Del Brete for Robert Ergas.

Min 45. The ball is rolling back at CU!

Min 45+6. End of the first part in Ciudad Universitaria! The Pumas and Tigres go to rest after an intense episode.

Minute 45. The referee adds six units.

Min 43. Gonzalez’s block! The goalkeeper stretches out like a cat with his excellent reflexes and finishes with a header at the height of the penalty area, denying Ibanez a goal as he saves his fence.

Minute 41. A double shot of tigress. First Pizarro and then Lainez, the first covered by González, and the second by a center back. Good time to visit.

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Minute 38. Vicon is treated on the grass after taking a knee to his left leg.

Minute 37. Great run by Angulo, including a cut and final shot, but Gonzalez deflected it for a corner kick.

Minute 35. A steal and shot by Ulises Rivas ends up being deflected by Nahuel Guzmán, and on the next play, Salvio shoots from the edge of the area, but again the Argentina goalkeeper refuses to open the scoreboard.

Minute 33. Frictional competition. Now it’s Nathan who gets the warning for the mistake on Ibanez. Meanwhile, Salvio and Diego Lines have a couple of run-ins.

Minute 29. A dangerous play by Tigres, Julio Gonzalez got out late to take the ball that came towards him, and Nicolás Ibáñez almost stole it.

Minute 26. Now it is Tigres who decides to take possession of the ball.

Minute 23. UNAM’s quick response with Salvio’s shot that Nahuel Guzmán controls with no problem.

Minute 22. Beautiful center from the left and excellent karate volley from Nicolás Ibanez who hits the ball into Gonzalez’s left upright.

Minute 20. A more vertical match, with close action for both halves.

Minute 17. Sameer goes to one side of the goal and heads inside the area.

Minute 16. Change at Pumas, Rivas leaves and Pablo Benevendo enters

Minute 14. Jesus Rivas, Pumas right back, calls for help after experiencing discomfort in the back of his left thigh.

Minute 9. Julio Gonzalez gets away with a header, outside the area, leaving Cordova with a rebound, who tries to surprise with a floating shot, but it goes over the frame.

Minute 7. Again Salvio, on the edge of the area, misses it with a poor shot but ends up in the stands.

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Minute 6. A header from Pumas wasn’t deflected after combing Salvio perfectly, but it missed the left post by mere centimeters.

Minute 5. First yellow card of the match. Sameer, the Tigers’ defender, gets it.

Minute 3. First exchange back and forth between the two, without dangerous action in either area yet.

Min 1. The ball is rolling in Ciudad Universitaria! Pumas and Tigres are looking for a win in the first leg of the Liguilla semi-final.

Five minutes from the start. The teams take the field

Game time is approaching.

Tigers uniform tonight.

Pumas locker room.

numbers Chinese.

Pumas series

Tiger line

Welcome to University City! Pumas’ location will be a platform for local residents to take advantage of the dangerous and beloved tigers.

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What time are they playing and which channel is broadcasting the Pumas vs. Tigers today? TV and online streaming of Liguilla semi-final first leg match

  • Day: December 7 Thursday
  • Hours: 21:00 CDMX | 22:00 ET
  • Stadium: University city
  • TV Channels:
    • Mexico: Azteca 7, Channel 5, TUDN
    • USA: TUDN
  • Online Streaming:
    • Mexico: Azteca Deportes, ViX Premium
    • USA: TUDN App, Fubo

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