Puma Rodriguez talks about Julio Iglesias’ health

In the month of July, one of the most asked names is the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, especially because of the cataract of memes and phrases that play with his name. However, this has repercussions as the European artist has been in the news due to his health, which his fellow Venezuelan revealed. Jose Luis “El Puma” Rodriguez.

There are even rumors that he was a couple even in the scenes Puma He was in a very serious condition, because the 78-year-old singer was assured that he was in a wheelchair and with memory impairment, which caused a stir, especially since he already has millions of fans scattered around the world who have joined him. 50 years ago.

Puma Rodriguez talks about Julio Iglesias’ health.

Puma Jose Luis Rodriguez Taking up his role as Spain’s best friend, he denied the portals’ controversy and expressed it Julio Iglesias He is gearing up for his next tour and is in full health. “For those interested in the health of Julio Iglesias: I’m in touch and I’m telling you he’s fine, he’s fine and we’re looking forward to it. He told me his tour will start in November. He’s fine in his mind, in his body,” he announced.

Cougar Rodriguez He also recalled those who claimed that the rumor that Julio Iglesias was in a wheelchair came from his mouth: “It was a complete lie that I said that Julio was sick,” he judged first. These lies will not be repeated to impress.”

Julio Iglesias reflects on his tour.

So far, Julio Iglesias has not commented on his health and the media reports he has criticized. Puma The best-selling Hispanic artist in music history is said to be going through a tough time.

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