PSG will not be happy with Keeler Navas; Donorumma will take ownership

Keeler Nawaz is being hunted by rumors Every team he goes to, And at Real Madrid he was looking for different reports in which it was pointed out that some other goalkeeper would come to snatch his rights, which pushed him to the bench with his last season with Meringue, until Thibaut Courtois was able to stay in that position.

However, now the novel seems to be coming back again, since the end of the 2020/21 season, different reports have been leaked The PSG Gianluigi Donarumma is close to signing, He ends his contract with Milan and seeks to leave the Italian team.

Donorumma will take ownership of PSG

In the first instance, Paris Saint-Germain managed to send the 22-year-old goalkeeper on loan with the Rosoneri team, but now the newspaper courier Dello Sport has leaked it The French order wants the Italians to come and take ownership under three lawsuits.

The reason for this is the Parisians They are not happy Mistakes made by Nawaz UEFA Champions League semi-final Formerly Manchester City.

However, it is important to remember that Nawaz has not only been one of the leaders in the French team’s wardrobe and a mentor to the team, but has also renewed his contract with PSG until 2024. His first Champions League final, So it seems difficult for Donorumma to remove him now.

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