Prosecutors will seek to seize the charges and property against those involved in the Odebrecht case

Santo Domingo, R.D.

The public ministry will conclude its closing speech this afternoon in the first district court of the National District, where it will hear that all six people involved in the Odebrecht case should be fined and their assets confiscated.

Mirna Ortiz, attorney general for the Special Advocate for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption (PEPCA) attorney, reported this, and asked Justices Giselle Mendes, Tania Younes and Yisel Naranzo a break to present their final results after 2 p.m.: 30 p.m.

“Judges, the public ministry has only two elements of the final report, which are our formal conclusions with the demand for confiscation of property and the imposition of sanctions as a result of the punishment required to intervene in this case,” Artis said.

Judges are trying to convince Angel Rondon, Vector Diaz Ria, Conrado Pitaluca, Andres Batista, Tommy Cologne and Roberto Rodriguez of the extent of their guilt.

Prosecutor Jose Marmolejos told the court that the evidence provided by the Minister of State shows that they face a strong charge and that those involved in the case will be punished beyond a reasonable doubt.

According to Rondan, prosecutors claim in court that he concealed and consolidated the funds of his illicit appearance in the national organization and that they found checks proving that this defendant and others charged with the offense were paying values.

Regarding Thias Riya, prosecutors claim that he showed that he received bribes from Odebrecht, and that he could not justify the salary he earns as Inaba director and public works minister by presenting excessive proportionate wealth.

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As for Pitaluka, prosecutors accused him of being able to prove that he worked as a person and an associate of Theas Rhea, received a millionaire bribe to award the Coral Highway Odebrecht, and counted the trophy with a transfer of more than $ 6 million. They were deposited in a bank account in Antigua y Barbudas, from which funds were transferred to a company owned by Thias Ria’s relatives.

According to Andres Batista, the public ministry has proved in court that the former senator introduced more than $ 1,800 million into the banking system, with the defendant raising significant sums between 2002 and 2017 as a result of his illegal activities with Odebrecht.

According to Tommy Cologne, prosecutors believe the defendant proved to have received bribes from Odebrecht to carry out public function as a deputy and senator for the province of San Cristobal from 2002 to 2016.

Roberto Rodriguez, the former director of Inaba, claims to have shown the court that the accused increased his assets by 717% without justifying it, as well as using his son Jean-Louis Rodriguez, the deputy leader of the modern Revolutionary Party. (P.R.M.) and his wife, Celeste Jimenez, as pre-humans.

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