Prosecutors confiscated more than $ 66,000 from former Defense Minister David Munkuya Pius

The money goes into the custody of the National Property Management Council (CONAB), where the special court decides whether it is legal or illegal.

On Monday, the Attorney General’s Office held $ 66,897.69 in the bank account of former Defense Minister David Munkuya Pius.

Tax investigations indicate that the money is a product of money laundering and corruption.

The money will go into the custody of the National Property Management Council (CONAB), while the Special Court for Domain Loss will determine whether Munkuya Bayes received it legally or illegally.

Last week, the attorney’s office lost assets worth $ 300,000 and $ 116,000. They also confiscated $ 42,316 he had in another bank account.

Last June, attorneys for the aforementioned division asked the property confiscation court to confiscate the property and real estate assets, believing they were obtained for money laundering and corruption.

These assets were intercepted in October 2020 with the intention of being confiscated so that they could be sent to the state.

Of these assets, there are seven properties in San Salvador and La Libert, valued at $ 4 million 638 thousand; Two vehicles and ten financial items (bank accounts, time deposit, among others).

Muncuna Pius was accused in court of negotiating with gangs to reduce the number of murders in exchange for prison and economic concessions to the leaders of these criminal groups.

The talks took place during the presidential administration of the fugitive Mauricio Funes, when he was Minister of Public Security.

He has also been charged with fraud in converting a package of unused weapons from the Ministry of Defense to two bombs for a company dedicated to arms sales. Munkuya Pius is under house arrest.

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