Project Ciudad Ciencia teaches a workshop on optics and light at Carlos Cano

The workshop, presented by young researchers from the science communication group Ioptica such as Raquel Fernández de Capo and Pablo Santa Fe Gabarda, affiliated with the CSIC “Daza de Valdes” Optical Institute, began with a brief introduction explaining the work of the research staff and trying to answer questions such as “What is light?” ” or “What is our reaction to light?”

Then, different experiments were simultaneously developed in which the participants turned around and learned in a hands-on way, how the eye works, what optical fibers or primary colors are.

The participants learned the many properties of light and its applications in everyday life in a fully fun and interactive way. Some experiments have associated optical elements such as lenses, with vision and optical effects, with color, light and changes in refractive index or with the interpretation of optical phenomena such as Tyndall’s, among others.

The Ciudad Ciencia program was launched in March 2012, and currently more than 40 cities across Spain are part of the project, including the municipality of Los Barrios.

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