Programming, Robotics and Science Courses: How to Apply

Knowledge related to science and technology is essential as society progresses. Tito Alberto Noncera Jacharna, a research professor at the University of Aichi’s Electronic Engineering Program and NASA, the leaders of the Human Exploration Challenge project, recognized the need to offer this type of training course in the country’s private and public schools, given, for example, that Colombia is suffering From a shortage of programmers estimated at 80 thousand missing.

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Therefore, with the support of NASA and ECCI University, they are offering this opportunity to institutions interested in children and youth learning about robotics, coding, space science, technology, and renewable and emerging energies.

How to participate?

Schools interested in participating in the academic training should email the following: [email protected]. There the institution must attach the data and express its reasons for wanting to add these courses to its educational offer.

At least 700 students from seven schools in Bogota and Boyaca have accepted these processes. The foundation hopes to expand coverage.

This offer also targets people with hearing disabilities.

Important discoveries in space: India’s arrival at the south pole of the moon

India has begun scanning the lunar surface with robots. This is after it became the first country to land a robotic ship near the south pole of the moon.

The Indian Private Research Organization (ISRO) stated on X platform (formerly Twitter) that the mobile robot “descended from the lander and India walked on the moon.” The device, which is powered by solar energy, will travel across that region of the satellite, which is rarely marked on a map; Images and scientific data will be transmitted during the two-week mission.

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The moon landing of the Chandrayaan-3 mission, which means “moon ship” in Sanskrit, occurred on Wednesday, August 23, just days after a Russian probe crashed in the same area. So far, only the Soviet Union, the United States and China have been able to carry out missions to the lunar surface.

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