Priest hanged on February 14 in St. Valentine


Every February 14th the world, or most countries, celebrate “Valentine’s” or “love and friendship” day, without knowing the true meaning of that day and who is being remembered. We leave you with a brief history:

On February 14, 278, in Rome, The Priest Valentine, Death penalty for non-prohibition of prescribed marriages Emperor Claudius II.

In those days of bloody wars, Claudio wanted to build a better military force for his empire. However, the difficulties in obtaining troops meant that the Romans did not want to join the army because of their strong ties with their wives and families.

The emperor’s solution was harsh: he forbade marriages and engagement in Rome. Priest Valentine, disagreeing with the emperor’s unjust actions, continued Celebrates weddings secretly.

Upon discovery, he was arrested and sentenced to death. The The sentence was carried out on February 14: Priest beaten to death. After his death, there was Valentine Named Saint.

Legend has it that the lover left a farewell note to the jailer’s daughter, with whom he became friends, and signed “from your lover.”

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