President of Guatemala fires minister.

The Guatemalan government indicated in a press release that the decision was taken by the president.

Guatemala's president, Bernardo Arevalo de León, fired Environment and Natural Resources Minister María José Iturbide on Sunday after she improperly used official vehicles and bodyguards for his family.

The Guatemalan government indicated in a press release that the decision was made by the president to “avoid any doubt” about his “commitment” against “corruption.”

It comes close to Arevalo de León's 100th day in power on April 23, after his inauguration on January 15.

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Likewise, the Guatemalan president noted that he “instructed” the National Anti-Corruption Commission (recently created by his government) to develop “guidelines” for the use of official vehicles.

In the past few days, Iturbide has been questioned after local media Vox Pópuli published that his daughter used official vehicles for personal matters as well as state security.

Initially, Arévalo de León said two days ago that the minister would be reprimanded because of the situation, although he finally backtracked two days later and fired Iturbide, thanking him for his services to the state.

The 65-year-old Guatemalan president won elections in 2023 under an anti-corruption discourse despite attempts by the Public Ministry (prosecutor's office) to block his investment last year and in 2024.

Iturbide defended himself at the time, arguing that he had sought protection from the state in March because unknown persons had allegedly followed his daughter this year.

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