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The main theme change of the appointment is scheduled for the beginning of the week.

The President George W. Bush, Secretary-General of the Republican Cabinet, Next week, at the Corondalet Palace, it was announced that President Lennon Moreno and President-elect Guillermo Lasso would meet to begin the process of democratic change in government.

Watt said the idea was to invite the president-elect, his wife, the vice-president-elect, Alfredo Porero and his wife. Outgoing Vice President Maria Alejandra Munoz and her husband will also attend the event.

Lennon Moreno speaks of Guillermo Lasso’s victory in the April 11 election

In addition, a meeting of the government’s interim committees is scheduled with support United Nations Development Program (UNDP) To coordinate the exchange of information.

Guillermo Lasso, who is at his home in Guayaquil today, met with his team to accurately coordinate the issue of change and announce the first two names that will take care of this: Juan Carlos Holkun, former candidate for mayor of Quito for Krio, and Ivan Korea, candidate candidate’s campaign manager.

On behalf of the Government, The Minister of Labor, Andres Ish, and Secretary Watt They lead the change team.

Watt assured that in all cases, all information would be provided and that the vaccination process would proceed without becoming a hassle.

“All information from the administrator will be honest. There is nothing to escape,” Watt said.

He pointed out that the vaccination program is the most important issue and cannot be stopped.

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In the past few days, 110 government initiatives, including statistics, construction legislation and contracts, have been identified, which are being collected to provide for those elected as president. (I)

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