President Evan Duke met with Bill Clinton: What did they talk about?

During his recent trip to Ecuador, President Evan Duke met with former US President Bill Clinton. The two were invited by President Guillermo Lasso to the official act of marine reserve expansion in Galapagos.

After several minutes of conversation, he thanked Duke Clinton for his commitment to Colombia, his support for the Temporary Protection of Immigration Law Policy, and his support for “Our Strategy for Carbon Neutrality.” “We will always appreciate what you have done for our country. We look forward to seeing you soon, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

During his voyage to the neighboring country, the Duke endorsed his fight against the climate crisis by establishing the Hermondo Reserve in collaboration with Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama, and ratifying the Galapagos Islands as the largest sea area in the world. The initiative – recalled by the Colombian president – is backed by former President Clinton.

The decree, signed by President Lasso, regulates the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean corridor, which includes Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica, the largest marine protected area on the planet.

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