Prepare the pineapple and habanero salsa for the hot wings

the wings she Snack Perfect for him weekendWhether enjoying it as a family or watching a movie or series right now. And what would be better if they were hot? So, this time we'll teach you how to prepare the perfect marinade to accompany your favorite wings: delicious Pineapple and habanero sauce Which we are sure you will love.

this to retreat It can accompany all types wingsIt is applied at the end of preparation, that is, when the wings are already ready Cooked And ready to eat. The only thing you have to do is pour it over the wings and mix well until the sauce covers everything it needs Snack. However, you can also cook the wings a little longer with the sauce on top so you get a more wing-like texture. honeyWhich gives them a delicious touch.

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