PREPA denies power generation problems during Christmas

Jose Colon Artis, Managing Director of Prepa. – Dennis Jones / Metro

They promise they can meet Puerto Rico’s energy needs

By Metro Puerto Rico

Tuesday, October 12, 2021, at 7:00 p.m.

Jose Colon Artis, Managing Director of Prepa. – Dennis Jones / Metro

The Executive Director of the Electricity Authority (PREPA), Jos கொ Colன்n Artis, clarified in a written statement the previously released information about the low power to be produced by the island in November.

As he put it, “Puerto Rico will provide the generation needed to meet its energy needs, while at the same time providing the necessary maintenance without compromising the power supply and power supply of private suppliers.”

“It is completely wrong to say that Ecoelectrica and AES units will not have electricity for the Christmas period as a result of being out for maintenance,” Colon Ortiz added.

EcoEl Electrica is scheduled for a maintenance in November 2021, while AES maintenance is scheduled for January 2022.

“This maintenance is coordinated with our flagship manufacturing plants Costa Sur, Aguirre, Palo Seco and San Juan, ensuring that electricity is always supplied in consideration of the work being done,” he added.

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