Premios Juventus 2021 Night | Youth Awards

The big day has come, the most anticipated party of the summer tonight, Youth Awards, And with it the opportunity to see the most incredible performances with the most important artists, collaborations and enjoy long-awaited reunions and other unique moments that will reach the hearts of the whole people.

This 2021, Premios Juventus will recognize music, social causes, innovation and culture and all that is popular, By 29 sections, 14 of them are new. This will be the first event on Hispanic television, which will have a live audience and will follow all the rules of distance and health.

In addition, there will be 6 presentations that are exclusive to the world, which you can only see on Premios Juventus!

Heart attack ‘Opening Act’ and Los Aguilar both on stage

  • From the first minute, the hot summer nights will catch everyone’s attention with their dual music led by Sebastian Yatra and Mike Towers, who will keep track of your speed leading up to a show that will illuminate Pitball, Iamino, El Alpha, Omar Courts and Farooq.
  • Only Premios Juventus can create a reality Great reunion of Sino and Nacho, Will delight the public with huge hits like ‘Nina Bonita’ and ‘Andas n My Cabosa’.
  • Los Aguilar’s performance is one of the most anticipated moments, as it pays homage to the families of music stars who unite generations. Pepe Aguilar and his children Angela and Leonardo, Celebrating the present and future of a great musical dynasty with their voices.


In addition, many artists have confirmed their participation, and will be using the Premios Juventus platform to introduce new and new songs worldwide and now, for the first time on TV, with unique collaborations:

  • Sebastian Pilgrimage, Will sing with our host, for the second year in a row Mike Towers The theme of ‘Couple of the Year’.
  • Grupo Firm Marga MP Will work with To illustrate the song ‘El Zero’ with over 112 million views on YouTube.
  • Yandel and Dainy They will be dancing with everyone through the recently released ‘Teja Wu’ which is part of this single ‘Dynasty’ album which will be released in collaboration on July 16th.
  • Zion Y Lenox They will sing the new summer anthem ‘Logo’ with Justin Quills and Dominican Simbala.
  • Blue Angels And will be with his Gumbia Quina #VeranoDeCampeones de TUDN with the official anthem ‘Ftbol a la Gente’.

All of the above, to mention some of the singers who are part of the 18th edition of Premios Juventus, a party will also attend Natty Natasha, Ricky Martin, Paloma Mami, El Alpha, Anita, Lune, Fran Rossano, Dini, Jay Wheeler, Kali Uchis, Jason Jimenez,.


Only PJ can make it possible

This year, Premios Juventus will pay tribute to Daddy Yankee with the Agent of Change award. King Reckon will receive this recognition for his fight against world hunger.

But not only that, the stage will be filled with hope Called #SOSCuba by Pitball and Emilio Estepan It brings together the voices of two famous Cuban singers, Lena and Malena Burke, Who will join the experience of the new generation of interpreters from that country: Yalenis Perez and Johnson. What else, Gente de Sona and Yodule will bring the anthem ‘Patria y Vida’ featuring Kenila Capello’s special participation..

Each year, Premios Juventus aims to celebrate music, culture and its exonates, but also to give performances that are rarely seen in one place. Remember with The emotion experienced during the 2020 edition The celebration began with a song of love and peace, ‘One World, One Prayer’, performed by The Oilers, Skip Marley and Cedella Marley, Farooq, Point Pedro, Rao Alejandro, Camilo and Can Garcia. While Ali Brooke, Greece, Danna Paola and Natty Natasha were in charge of perpetuating the legacy of 25-year-old Selena Quintanilla, the night was filled with some magic.

Performances of that level are preparing for the most anticipated party of the summer. Keep in mind that you can follow this party minute by minute on the official website of Youth Awards, The social networks and exchange of the event either directly or online or directly through the Univision app

Appointment from 7P / 6C to P.J. Clarisa Molina, Fettima Molina, Giara Liz, Roberto Hernandez, Jomari Coisho and Gabriel Coronal, And in 8P / 7C Alejandra Espinosa, Sequis, Sebastian Yatra and Borja Vosas (To the stage) Waiting for the 18th edition of Premios Juventus. Don’t miss out!


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