PQ and Clara Xia prepare a hard blow that will hurt Shakira, video

A lot has happened in the ex-footballer’s divorce Gerard PQ and Colombian singer Shakira, Announced in June 2022, the topic provides different information every day.

This week, the woman from Barranquilla asked the media to respect her and her children in her new phase and life in the city. Miami (USA), After the persecution, he says, they suffered Barcelona, ​​Spain).

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After Shakira and her children’s trip, Clara shows a face ‘covered in chia’.


“At this time of changes in my life as a public figure, it is understandable that there is a constant interest on the part of the press around me and my family,” the 46-year-old artist begins on his Instagram account. .

“However, my children Milan and Sasha “They have lived through a very difficult year in Barcelona, ​​under constant siege and constant harassment by the ‘paparazzi’ and various media”, said the Colombian.

She recalls that her two children have now started “a new phase in their lives” in the southern city as a result of her relationship with Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué. FloridaThat is why, she insists, “I strongly urge the media on behalf of my children to please respect their right to privacy.”

Another face

Meanwhile, everything points to her being in Spain without her, as Piguet and his girlfriend, Clara ChiaThe way is open for him to make his life peaceful and the media in the country is already talking about his plans.

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It also emphasizes that it is not known what reaction it will have with the singer who is already out of the country.

According to Europa Press, the couple would like to live in the house where Shakira lived for 12 years. Piqué and Clara living version Llobregat Looks like it’s getting stronger.

“Many rumors suggest that Gerard Pique will move into the mansion he lived in with Shakira in Barcelona, ​​and he will do so with his girlfriend Clara Xia, with whom he will begin a new life as he had long planned,” Europa Press said.

Another version

Jordi Martin, one of the journalists who followed the lives of Shakira, Pique and their families, warned that the idea was planned with the help of the former football player’s father.

“In Spain it felt very bad against Piqué, with a lot of criticism from the media that Gerard and her father did not take Shakira away from home with the children. In Spain, Piqué was very angry for his behavior with the singer during these months,” the spokesperson said.

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