Potro is expelled from La Casa de los Famosos and provoked

The third elimination gala of ‘The House of the Famous’ was with superficial sentiments.

And it was the first Save Louis of the night, so Hector Chanderdi told Potro to leave the house, saved by Nacho Casano.

Once the residents found out, they started fighting because we already remember that they were divided into groups, with each of the Newark and Laura Bosco leaders, so Potro’s departure would mean a very significant loss to Laura’s team.

However, Natalia Alcosar, who was part of Nyurka’s team, was moved to tears by Potro’s departure, but Laura did not keep her comments to herself, questioning the tears because she was “not friendly with Agabulko’s ex-member.”

This made Natalia explode, and she asked Laura for respect, but they kept shouting at each other, for which the driver called the former member of ‘Survivor’ an “irresponsible hypocrite”.

This is the fight between Natalia and Laura:

In the middle of the fight, Eduardo Rodriguez made the arbitrary recommendation of the week.

Since Laura has a contract with Imagine Television, she had to appear on her TV show on the first day of June, so Potro’s exit could have been a trigger for the driver, and they exploded saying they should take their bags out. , Well, he wants to get away from reality.

Potro was expelled from the Celebrity House

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