Possible alignment of Club America for their match against Club Lyon

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

This Wednesday The Club of America Should get three points because some clubs have eliminated the group from its position in the public table. In this sense, today’s game is very important for the team Ferdinand OrtizWhoever suffers losses should have a competitive team.

While another suitable fight will come next weekend, it is important to note that at least one platform must be maintained so that it is best to do some rotation due to the physical load so that the players are integrated into the playing field so that minor adjustments can make the difference.

This time the United States will not be Brunovalts, Because he had come out of the fight before Tijuana And even if it’s not serious at all, he can rest for his next fight. Plus, ‘Thano’ is recovering Peter Aquinas Already Juan OteroSo one of these two players may have minutes for this match.

Possible alignment of the United States

Goalkeeper: William Ochoa
Securities: George, Murray, Sebastian Caesares and Louis Fuentes
Midfielders: Pedro Aquino, Richard Sanchez and Alvaro Fidalgo
Forward: Alejandro Zendejas, Diego Valdes and Federico Viñas

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