Pope Francis encourages people to spread the message of divine mercy

Pope Francis promoted the spread of devotion to divine mercy around the world on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the first revelation of Jesus to St. Faustina Gowalska, which took place on February 22, 1931, in the Nun’s Room of Peacock Convent. (Poland).

This is what the Holy Father is Letter to the Bishop of Pyongyang, Bishop Piot Libera, expressed his spiritual intimacy to the faithful celebrating this year’s festival.

In the letter, Pontiff shared the joy of the Church in Pyongyang and encouraged that “this particular event is known throughout the world and is alive in the hearts of the faithful.”

Furthermore, the Holy Father recalled the words of St. Faustina from Jesus and what he wrote in his diary: “Mankind will not find peace until I return with hope to my mercy.”

In these ways, the Pope encouraged all believers to “ask Christ for the gift of mercy,” and to “have the courage to return to Jesus, to see His love and mercy in cults,” and to be “more capable of mercy, patience, forgiveness, and charity, to experience His grace and tenderness.”

Finally, the Holy Father highlighted in the letter that St. John Paul II, the Apostle of Mercy, wished that all people on earth should know the message of God’s merciful love.

For this he quoted the words of the Pope of Poland Pronounced in 2002 During his visit to his homeland: “The fire of this grace must spread to the world”, because “by the grace of God the world will see peace and the happiness of mankind.”

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In this sense, Pope Francis welcomed the Polish faithful at the end of the Sunday Angels on February 21 and recalled the Temple of Peugeot in Poland, “Ninety years ago the Lord Jesus revealed Himself to St. Faustina Govalska. The message of divine mercy is special ”.

“Through St. John Paul II, this message reached the whole world,” Pontiff stressed, and the message of divine mercy was “none other than the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who rose from the dead, and gives us grace, Father.”.

“Let us open our hearts to Him in faith: Jesus, I trust in you, Called the Holy Father.

Translated and adapted by Mercedes de la Torre. Originally published ACI print

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