Pope Francis answers a phone call in the middle of a public audience and in front of an astonished church (video)


12 ago 2021 01:13 GMT

So far, Vatican officials have not commented on the extraordinary event, so nothing is known about the pope’s speaker or the reason for the call.

Pope Francis answered a phone call during a public meeting at Paul VI Hall in the Vatican this Wednesday, much to the surprise of churchgoers attending the event. Pick up AP Company.

According to reports, Supreme Pandit was asking for his apostolic blessing and at the end of the interrogation, one of his aides approached him, passed a few words and gave him the phone.

According to Witnesses, The highest row of the Catholic Church spoke for about two minutes, after which he pointed to the believers with signs that he would soon return and leave the room at some point. After a while, he returned to greet those who came there and continue to bless.

Church officials have not yet commented on this unusual fact, which breaks the code of conduct, so the identity of the speaker or the reason for the interrupted call at the ceremony is unknown.

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