Police return items stolen from University of Cienfuegos

Police officers in Cienfuegos returned several stolen items to the university of that province in central-southern Cuba. The birth took place in the famous Callejón del Cura, Pastorita and Buena Vista buildings.
Computers and tires were among government property stolen from the Higher Education Building in Southern Pearl. Forced robberies were carried out continuously.

Lt. Col. Didiot Gómez Perez, a member of the provincial criminal investigation unit, told a local newspaper on September 5.

An official from the Ministry of Interior (MININT) assured that the accused had already admitted their participation in the events. “However, the motive now is to extend the criminal chain as several crimes have been committed against the educational center so far this year.”

The gratitude of the directors of the University of Cienfuegos did not wait. For example, its rector pointed out that “these are valuable assets because of their economic cost, but above all because of their utility for the various processes we create.”

Incidents of violent robbery continue in the area

There have been a spate of thefts in the area in recent weeks. In Buena Vista, two of their neighbors were victims, and luckily they recovered their belongings. MININT returned the stolen items to the victims.

Amenities like washing machine, fan, television with decoder box and bag were provided. The victims immediately reported the incident to the police. Some have not recovered all that was lost, but investigations into their particular cases have not yet been completed.

In this regard, Lt. Col. Gómez Perez said that the events in Buena Vista corresponded to the three levels of the accused through a mutual agreement to commit crimes. In fact, they researched their “plot” to rob the local residents and selected victims.

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