PNB detained a bus carrying citizens to the Edmundo Gonzalez event in Baruta.

Photo video capture

Delsa Solórzano, national coordinator of the Encuentro Ciudadano political party, said a bus carrying citizens to an event in Cumbres de Curumo, Baruda municipality, was detained by Bolivarian National Police officers for unitary candidate Edmundo González. (PNB).

Solorzano took to his social networks to say that “in a country where there is supposed to be free transport, a bus carrying colleagues from the next municipality to Baruda ran off the road as if there was a limit to free “transportation. It cannot be transferred from one municipality to another,” he highlighted.

He informed that after this action, the situation was resolved and both the vehicles were released and the traffic department issued the documents to their owners.

“Now everyone is fine, we are not giving up, anyone who believes that this team of men and women is going to give up is going to give up (…) We will fight democratically, peacefully, so that on July 28, the vote is
We will bring about political change,'' he promised.

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