Plaza del Vino: a space to restore our wine history

as part of 50 destinations programOur county is moving forward with a remodeling work Enoteca الوصول Arrival SquareThe first wine school in Argentina.

The main goal is to make wine yard An iconic space, typical of a county with a wine culture, that will serve as a support for many artistic, cultural and tourist events related to wine. In addition, there will be better communication and flow of the visiting public to adjacent public buildings.

Vicario and Lanzilotta upon opening the envelopes

This week, Minister Nora Vicario and Bernardo Lanzellotta, President of the Mendoza Wine Fund, co-opened envelopes for Tender for the development of Plaza del Vino. There, it was the companies CAC SA and SANCO SA that submitted their proposals, which are already being evaluated by specialists from the Ministries of Culture and Tourism, Planning and Infrastructure.

A space to relive our wine history

The aim of this initiative is Value and restore public spacelocated in front of an emblematic and heritage building, such as La Enoteca and improved access to the Convention and Exhibition Centre.

wine bar

The idea is that this space also serves Generate development of new tourism proposals Linked to presentations, exhibitions and the active use of that space, in an iconic setting that is the heart of wine tourism in the province, given its characteristics and history.

The project aims to improve pedestrian access and functional relationships with neighboring buildings. Seeking to clean up the La Enoteca building From some of the items you’re currently hiding.

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