Players who received a ‘veto’ from the Mexican national team

ESPN offers some footballers who received thumbs down from a federation or L-Tri coach.

Javier ‘Ciccarito’ Hernandez will not return to the Mexican team while Gerardo Martino will be in charge of the national team, The Mexican Football Confederation, through its president Jon de Louisa, pointed out that the LA Galaxy is not blocked ahead.

Even this Thursday Sources confirmed to ESPN Digital that the national team will not “come back” even if he scores a hundred goals., So the rift between the two sides is disgraceful, however, it is not the only ‘cicharrito’ in history that has been ‘vetoed’ from the tricolor flag.

Next, ESPN provides the names of players who are sometimes banned and unable to participate in the Mexican national team.

Jose Villagas

The famous ‘Jamaican’ was ‘banned’ from the tricolor for seven months for not participating in the match against Costa Rica.. Under the pretext that he had not been notified of his summons, he was fined one year for failing to appear, which was reduced to seven months.

Alfredo Dena

The problem with the film ‘Captain Fury’ was caused by a business problem; The legendary American player used a different brand from the other national team because he was knocked out of the Mexico 86 World Cup.

Cauhtémoc white

Ricardo left Germany in 2006 due to problems with Antonio La Wolf and is one of the best American heroes on the national team., Then national coach, L’Guav left Argentina while in office, and until 2010 he returned to Trivandrum to play in the World Cup in South Africa.

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Carlos Candle

It is one of the greatest novels in the history of the tricolor because it was ‘vetoed’ by a party in Monterrey in 2010.. The initial sentence was six months, however, after he was granted permission, he refused to take the exam for several years.

Along with Vela, Efrine Juras was another who was allowed in, for which he was unable to attend the call for half a year.

Gerardo Ortega and Carlos Salceto

With Javier ‘Ciccarrito’ Hernandez, the master players did not count on Gerardo Martino in this World Cup cycle.. According to Artica, it was not considered because he did not attend the Tokyo 2020 Olympics due to “personal problems”, while Salcido had a disagreement with his technical assistant, George Taylor.

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