Pitelson and Ricardo Belize were almost hit hard; Security elements had to separate them – ten

Angel Garcia Dorazo, A former ESPN journalist, recalled the famous fight between David Pitelson Y Ricardo Belize In the full live broadcast as they discussed Club of America (February 2018), and revealed that security elements also had to intervene to prevent both team members from coming to the range.

Pitelson explodes against Gignac for controversial news

When chatting with him ‘Doctor’ Louis GarciaAccording to the Connecta MX YouTube channel, a Mexican reporter referred to the popular episode “You Are Stupid” and said that two producers came to the studio to calm things down.

But the producers did not come alone because now they had to intervene with two security elements to separate the manager Sivas del Guadalajara Already PitelsonBecause the situation may spin out of control.

” Nothing is planned. David and Belize, ‘You idiot’, when you see that he is serious, I sit next to it. You feel when the thing loses control. Producers, you know, we’re going to suspend, both producers went down and they cut the security elements apart, ”he says. Torno.

Fernando Palomo and Pitelson argue about the Olympia competition

Despite that crowd Pitelson Apologized, Ricardo Belize His tenure lasted, so the project continued with this tension among the team members.

Torno He explained that none of these “fights” seen in the air at different ESPN intervals were planned because everything was becoming the product of the heat of the debate.

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