Piojo Herrera’s dart at Tata Martino

Miguel Herrera criticized for Gerardo Martino’s call and friendly against Paraguay (Photos: CUARTOSCURO)

There are 86 days left for the World Cup to begin Qatar 2022The Mexican team He is about to enter the final stages of his preparation before his debut. They will host a friendly match at the end of August Paraguay national team Although the final destinations of the final call can be defined, Miguel Louse blacksmith Listed and criticized the commitment as ineffective Gerardo Martino.

In a press conference ahead of his match against Rayos de Necaxa, The Louse On August 31 he spoke about the call for international commitment. An understatement is an addition He threw a spear at him Father Martino By Call the players He pointed out that they will probably not participate in the World Cup The process will end after the World Cup.

“It’s more to touch the players. The Duka I called them grinding matches. These don’t work for me. 80% of this call-up will not be in the World Cup and there are 26 players. I don’t know if it is right Stumbling players For tinkering, there is talk of seeing them for the next process We don’t know if it’s the same technician For the next process”, he attacked.

The match against Guarani at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta will be the first of five before a World Cup appearance against Poland. In this sense, the coach took this opportunity to invite players other than those who form the basis of his plan. They play matches in Liga MX.

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Tigers Louse They will suffer the casualties of Jesús Angulo and Sebastian Cordova, but will not be the most affected team. theirs A determined competitor will give up too much Four-man football players; Pachuca and Sivas followed with three; Santos, America and Cruz Azul with a pair; As well as Necaxa, Atlas and Puebla with the same contribution.

Only half of those selected had previous participation with a complete team. In that group, Half the team may be fighting for a spot. However, Argentina’s roster has been widely criticized for omitting calls for players with good athleticism in their squads. Alexander Zendejas, Alfonso Gonzalez, Victor Guzman and Aldo Roche.

Mexico will not have players who play in Europe against Paraguay (Photo: Instagram/@miseleccionmx)
Mexico will not have players who play in Europe against Paraguay (Photo: Instagram/@miseleccionmx)

That way, fewer players on the team have a real chance of making the roster. Louse. Although it has been implemented since 2019, it is worth mentioning. Couldn’t recapture the position shown by the starting team At the beginning of the Martino era, it caused Loss of related matches and matches.

Although Louse He also said “This is not a game to prepare the national team for the World Cup”, asserted that the competitor was competent. According to FIFA rankingParaguay national team is in 50th place. It is noteworthy that they will not participate in the World Cup.

After Guarani Mexico is playing against PeruThey lost the international playoff against Australia and were ranked Twenty one. There will be subsequent competitors Colombia, Iraq and SwedenOccupiers of places 17, 70 and 20 respectively in the world rankings. None of them will participate in Qatar 2022.

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