PHOTOS: Marcia Krav Shows Off Her Fun At Dragon Ball On Fans Only

This weekend, The beautiful Peruvian Marcia Grau She showed why she is a Tik Tok sensation when posting videos Creates his anime themed paintings Knights of the Zodiac, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Demon Slayer, among others. Her paintings are put to the taste of her millions of followers who can enjoy her beauty while painting live.

Marcia Gray, In addition to her natural talent for oil painting, she is fond of exercise routines and maintains a svelte figure. Every day he exercises his body in the gym, especially doing special exercises to strengthen his legs and buttocks. It helps in attracting more followers Provide quality content to your fans-only profile And send daring photos to his Telegram group. The young Peruvian is clear about that, and that is her business in social networks.

Marcia shows off her Goku shirt. Photo: @marcy.fitt

Marcia also shows her interest in Dragon Ball and Naruto

As well as on their Twitter accounts, Instagram and TikTok, Marcia He shares each of his paintings with an oil technique A fan profile only, In underwear or small clothes he shows the creations of other heroes of the most famous anime, such as Vegeta, Goku, Naruto.

Each of his oil paintings can be viewed and purchased His Instagram account ( There you can quote any anime character or any movie star’s personal work.

Marcia shows off some pink leggings. Photo: @marcy.fitt
Marcia shared a sketch of Naruto. Photo: @marcy.fitt
Marcia demonstrates the process of a Phase 3 Goku. Photo: @marcy.fitt

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