Photo: China delivers a small robotic helicopter to support its future missions to Mars


3 September 2021 02:11 GMT

The drone will carry a microspectrometer, but it is not specified on which mission it will be used.

A prototype “cruise drone” designed to fly over the surface of Mars passed the final acceptance estimate on August 20. Announced it This Wednesday is the National Center for Space Science at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Presentation of New red planet exploration tool It comes just months after China landed a robotic rover on Mars. A picture of the device has been posted on the Twitter account of the Chinese state news agency Global Times.

The milestone of the place took place in May, this year, within the framework China’s first mission to MarsIt is part of the country’s ambitious future space exploration plans.

Last week, the River Sino Shurong, Weighing 240 kg, powered by solar batteries, its completion The hundredth day Marked the 1,000-meter milestone that worked on the surface of Mars and traveled from its descent.

Helicopter is one of three projects in a technology development program promoted by the National Center for Space Science. The vehicle project is said to be led by Bian Chunjiang and will carry a drone micro spectrometer. However, the report did not specify on what mission the drone was used.

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Earlier, Wang Xiaojun, director of the China Academy of Publishing Automotive Technology, shared a “human exploration road map for Mars.” Virtual encounter Within the framework of the Global Space Research Conference held in Russia.

Its Three step strategy The Red Planet includes robotic research, early human exploration, and finally, “routine human exploration.” As part of the plan, Wang expressed confidence that China would build a base on the site and begin building a “large-scale transport fleet from Earth to Mars.”

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