Philadelphia Phillies decide Ranger Suarez for Game 3 of 2022 World Series against Houston Astros


Originally, its inclusion was planned for the fourth game A fall classic; But the rescheduling of matches changed the landscape.

Ranger Suarez, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher
© Mike Ehrman/Getty ImagesRanger Suarez, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher

Reorganization of Competitions 2022 World SeriesMatch 3 was postponed due to rain Philadelphia Phillies and Houston AstrosMade changes to restart the Grand Final Major League Baseball (MLB).

Those changes will go through the local team, which was confirmed during its opening pitching phase over the weekend A fall classic, what Opener For this dedication Noah Syndergaard.

With this decision, the Phillies pushed Venezuela Ranger Suarez Watch the action in the fourth game 2022 World Series vs. Astros, with the aim of giving you more relaxation; However, the rain forced changes.

The Phillies switched positions with Ranger Suarez

The match was suspended and postponed to this Tuesday, November 1, causing the manager Robbie Thomson Return to its original plan, ie On this day the mountaineer was born in Bais de Costa 27 years ago.

“Since I was young, I’ve always dreamed of starting a World Series game, and on Tuesday, by God’s grace, I’ll get there.. It is a great pleasure. From childhood, I always dreamed of a World Series and here we areRanger Suarez said before Game 3 between the Phillies and Astros.

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