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Concetic She launches a story competition called “Peruvian Women of Science‘Sixth grade girls from all over Peru. This is with the intention of being inspired by the experience of the three Peruvian women who devote themselves to the practice of science. The competition will have 26 winners who will be part of a virtual workshop for science and learning English.

Concytec, via PopCiencia, which broadcasts via Facebook, has revealed the experiences of three Peruvian women dedicated to the practice of science and among their powers: developing nanosensors, installing devices to alert marine animals, and applying tools to help young people discover their profession.

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The winners will be part of a two-month virtual workshop, where they will conduct various science experiments and learn English. Photo: iStock.

Petit Galarita

He specializes in chemical sciences and currently works as a researcher at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). It is using the power of chemistry to develop nanosensors. In his eagerness to achieve this, first, he makes little balls of gold to which he attaches tiny bits of DNA, capable of recognizing a toxin in food, or those found only in good quality coffee.

These nanosensors can detect any disease, it all depends on the parts of your DNA that you attach to your gold nanosphere and use as nanosensors. Let’s remember that a sensor is a device that can detect some movement, substance, light, etc. And when these are very, very small, they are called nanosensors.

Johanna Alfaro

She became the champion of many marine species (turtles, birds, dolphins, among others) after realizing that when casting nets, fishermen not only catch fish, but some turtles or birds get into them. To counter this and to prevent unwanted animals from entering the hunt, Dr. Alvaro installed devices in the nets that emit sounds or lights that the animals can sense to alert them and thus avoid being caught.

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Johanna Alfaro is a biologist and is currently a researcher and president of the NGO ProDelphinus.

Dora Herrera

Psychologist by profession and trained in the United States, Belgium, and Peru. She looks at the motives that lead young people to choose their career because it can give them more money, it is fashionable and other reasons without considering whether they really like it or not. Thanks to his results, Dora now has many tools that better guide, help young people follow the right path where the fun and passion of what they do is prioritized.

great opportunity

Concytec, through its ProCiencia Executive Unit, invites you to apply for the Story Contest: Peruvian Women of Science. Get inspired by the work of Betty, Johanna, Dora and more than 2,000 Peruvian scientists and unleash your imagination by writing a short story of no more than a thousand words.

The winners will be part of a two-month virtual workshop, where they will conduct various science experiments and learn English. There are 26 vacancies for girls from all over Peru. All the details .

You can also find the amazing stories of our scientists in the book Scientists from Peru: 24 Stories to Discover. over here .

It is worth noting that the last date for registration in the competition is Friday, August 26 at 1:00 pm.

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