Peláez and Pietrasanta fight in Futbol Picante: 'You don't know me, wow'

Ricardo Pelez Football was once again the protagonist of one of the most controversial debates in Picante. At this, the former director faced J.orge Pietrasanta Apart from working in, after asking him TelevisionHe was also an adviser to Commissioner Juan Carlos Rodríguez, president of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF)

TO Belez He didn't like the question a colleague asked him because he felt it was unethical to work in television and at the same time advise companies like FMF.

Pietrasanta He asked me if I worked as a consultant or commissioner of the Mexican Football Federation. I'll answer very briefly… Are you saying you can be a consultant and work in television at the same time? It seems unprofessional and unethical to me. Do you think I could now be a consultant to the federation and work here at ESPN?”

“No, I asked if you are related to himIf you knew part of that plan,” commented the narrator, he quickly received a response from the former director. Blue Cross: “No, I'm telling you directly. You don't seem to know me very wellThat's all I want to say.”

'You don't even know me, haha'

Things got heated when Pietrasanta told his partner: “Why are you angry?”. Peleez is not silent, and the narrator insists that he served as an adviser to Bamba Rodríguez to create a problem: “People can get confused. (…) Don't reveal that about me“.

Finally, when the former player responded to Pietrasanta's jabs, the commentator asked him not to speed up and “not to fall short”. Even George said: “You don't know me, wow.”

“Don't start speeding because Then you treat people as 'stupid' And I don't know what you're speeding up You are getting too low. You don't even know me, haha, so don't tell me things you don't know. (…) Laugh, laugh all you want, laughing puts people down, I'm not laughing at you.”

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