Pedro Pierluisi Supports Amendment of the Donation Law on the Purchase of Labels and Tablets

Rio Grande – The governor reversed the position expressed by La Fortaleza last Tuesday Peter Pierre Lucy Compared to a label or tablet, he vowed this afternoon to support any legislation aimed at amending the law on donations to Roberto Clemente Sports City in Carolina.

The Pierluisi administration defended this week The tax levied under Clemente’s judgment of “enormous deed and legacy.”

However, the chief executive admitted on Thursday that he did not consider the controversial intent of signing resolutions 16 and 17, but he thought that “because it was unanimously approved by the Senate, with a majority in the House”, it should support the move.

“The plan was unanimously approved by a majority in the House If you want to amend the law in the legislature, I have no objection to doing so. Of course, this will have an impact on the amount of funding that needs to be made for the sports center in Carolina to do the best it can, but if it’s the sentiment of the legislators, it should have my support, “Pierlucci told reporters after leaving the reopening of the El Portal in the El Yunque National Forest.

Regardless of whether he agrees to remove it, the governor has limited himself to encouraging a joint resolution passed by representatives of the New Progressive Party, Gabriel Rodriguez Aguillo, Jose “Say” Perez Cartero and Jose “Memo” Gonzalez Mercado. Payment will be voluntary.

“I have no objection to this being voluntary or voluntary (donation).”, Shrunk

Ciudad Deportiva asked Roberto Clemente if he knew that signing the $ 5 implementation resolutions would directly affect the resources allocated this year. Medical Science Campus Of (RCM) University of Puerto Rico (UPR), the officer replied no.

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“I did not consider it when I signed into action. I do not really think it’s a controversial move. Obviously we all want to support and honor Roberto Clemente. Those sports facilities in Carolina are desirable. If not, we need to find another way to restore those facilities because we have very little to do, ”the president said.

He also said he was in talks about a law promoting electronic tagging. He promised to be the director of the Puerto Rico Technology and Innovation Service (Brits). Enrique Volkers nin, If implemented, is responsible for the design being free.

Currently, House Bill 1125 claims to cost $ 15 to implement the electronic tag.

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