Pedro Castillo’s best phrases on CNN

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(CNN Español) – President of Peru, Pedro Castillo declared that he had no education in politics and had no training for the post.He said in the first exclusive interview with an international media outlet on CNN en Español cameras.

In a conversation with Fernando del Rincon on the results, Castillo Despite his inexperience and the scandals surrounding his government that lasted only six months, he is confident he can complete his mandate.

The best phrases in an interview on CNN are:

“People brought me here not to do anything suspicious, but to do good things.”

During his six months in office, Castillo faced a number of scandals that tarnished his reputation. Will his term end?

Despite that In December Congress already wanted to empty it (a movement that had not succeededCastillo assures that it is only “a department of Congress” and that “the Left, the responsible parties at the Center, the people and the patriotic Congressmen have not given themselves to that game.”

The demand, put forward by several opposition Congressmen in November, was cited, among other reasons, as “illegal use of public funds” during the 2021 campaign in Peru. The president cut himself off from any corruption and the demand was 46 votes in favor, 76 votes against and 4 abstentions in the full session of Congress in December.

For Castillo, a schoolteacher with no experience in government, the move comes as Congress has an agenda.

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What was Castillo’s intention to change the constitution? 0:37

“I never went to the honeymoon like it did in other governments … I was never trained to be a politician. I was not trained to be president.”

In his administration, according to the president, there is “a learning process”. Castillo argues that he was not trained to be president. “I did not go abroad. I did not go to the United States because I did not lend to it. I am for the country and the people. I have come here to stand up for more country. And I’m not going to steal a penny from the country.

The president pointed out that despite the rain of criticism on Castillo, his few months in office had shown that he could not go wrong and that he had implicitly acknowledged that Peru could not be used for trial and error.

Castillo said Peru will continue to be his school on CNN: “The school does things right, corrects mistakes and does it for the good of all adults. It’s a school for me too.”

Pedro Castillo: I was not trained to be president 2:16

No influence on cabinet appointments (seron)

The resignations, dismissals and corruption of the first months of his government have been overshadowed by the president’s attempt to oust himself from the controversial General Secretary of the Freedom Party, Vladimir Seron.

The president of Peru denied the alleged influence Seron In his government work. “He has no influence over cabinet appointments.

“This is not a secret office”

The Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic began investigations to verify contracts and awards made by Provías Descentralizado, the executive branch of the Ministry of Transport and Communications responsible for the preparation, management and implementation of transport infrastructure projects and plans. The president usually visits Prana and who entertained him during the campaign.

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Castillo said he was not talking about business there. “This is never a secret office,” the president promised. He added that “there is no tender in the office of the President.”

Did Castillo use Prina’s house as a secret office? 2:26

With information from Cynthia Zamora, Maria Bezera and Alfredo Mesa

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