Paulina Barrola dedicates a beautiful birthday message to her boyfriend Mauricio Ochman. What did she write to him? | Photo

Mauricio Ochman He celebrated his 44th birthday on November 16th. Fans and friends of the actor shared some congratulations to the celebrities, but one pair was very special.

One of them was written by Sonoran actress Paulina Barrola In your official account Instagram, Girlfriend Ochman He dedicated some beautiful words to his current spouse.

“I celebrate your life, my dear. I can not feel too honored to share this day with you and to be a participant in your life. You deserve the most beautiful things in the world. Thank you for sharing your nobility, love, light and vibrations with this world. Happy Birthday I love you @ mauochman ”, wrote the beautiful model.

The couple’s contacts are not waiting for the release, which will be accompanied by a beautiful photo of their recent trip. St. Charles, Sonoran Beach they visited two weeks ago.

The detail did not go unnoticed to Mauricio, and he took the opportunity to thank her for the beautiful words he wrote, and now he is the darling of his life “Thank you for being in my life dear, I celebrate every day I spend by your side !! I love you ”, commented the celebrant.

Other greetings from Mauritius

Undoubtedly the birthday boy is very special to his daughters Lorenza And Kailani, In his Instagram stories, he shares a gentle moment with film, drama and TV actor Kailani and his ex-wife. Aislyn Derbes They recite a birthday song and they start singing Mananidas next to this message: “Nice to meet you dad mauochmann.”

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