Party secretariat highlights the use of science

SANTA CLARA, April 13 (ACN) Even the Technical and Technological Services Trader (Tecnosime VC), the only one of its kind in Cuba and located in Santa Clara, today received a comprehensive visit to the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (CC PCC) and its auxiliary structure on the third day of the examination of Villa Clara.

Antonio Silverio Vitia, CCPC Economic and Productivity Department Officer, stressed to the press the importance of implementing this project for the scientific and technological industrial complex to realize the productive chain with companies.

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He added that the new center, pending approval by the Ministry of Economy and Planning, will contribute to industrial development, knowledge management and the launch of innovative entities in the Cuban scientific endeavour.

According to a report by the Radio Sagua station, Joel Quibo Ruiz, member of the CC PCC and head of the Economic Production Department, along with other members of this structure, exchanged with the directors of global economic bodies in the municipality of Sagua la. Grande.

On this tour, Wilfredo Hernandez Pérez, an official from the Economic Production Department, arrived at the Chlorine Soda Factory, belonging to the Electrochemical Company, the only company in the country to produce liquid chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen.

The institutional features of the CMHW station highlight the presence of Félix Duarte Ortega, CC PCC member and head of the agro-food department, in the community of Sabino Hernández, in the municipality of Villa Clara in Santo Domingo, with the aim of exchanging with the residents of the area around the main problems of the demarcation, among them the water supply and quality.

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According to the information, on Thursday Duarte Ortega was interested in the development of urban agriculture, the implementation of the Food Sovereignty and Nutrition Education Act, and he participated in the opening of the 986 pharmacy, an old wish of the town.

Eunides Imbert Chapel, Deputy Head of the Department of Concern for the Social Sector of the Central Committee of the Party, at the Osvaldo Herrera University Preparatory School in the capital, with about 503 students, confirmed the material and human conditions for the development of the pedagogical teaching process.

He appreciated the participation of students in cultural, aesthetic and scientific training, in addition to the activities of the high school students’ union in the institution.

This afternoon continued the comprehensive visit of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba to the territory of Villa Clara, in compliance with the agreements of the Eighth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, held in April 2021.

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