“Part of my heart goes to heaven”

Because it seems that the Fernandez family has not had a good time in recent months The health of Don Vicente Fernandez has made them very worried, But now one of them has confirmed that he is experiencing the most painful grief.

That’s it, in the middle of the storm, it’s now Alex Fernandes, the grandson of Charro de Huentitán, uttered some shocking words that saddened his supporters and strangled them all.

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“Part of my heart goes to heaven … my Zarita … my spoiled princess, my unconditional love, my girl … I hope God will give me the luck to get you back in my life!”, The son of El Potrilo began to say.

And I add, “You are one of the creatures I love the most in my life. Thanks for these incredible and memorable 17 years, I love you, I will love you for the rest of my life … all the time … “, Phrases that the young man dedicated to his dead pet.

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There is no doubt that he belonged to the dynasty Fernandez became an animal lover so he could not stop saying goodbye to this dog and, according to him, accompanied him on many adventures for almost two decades.

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