Paola Rojas steals sighs and flaunts her figure in this elegant pink dress: Photos

Paola Rojas In recent hours the social networks have attracted attention because she gave a new example of her developed fashion sense and showed why she is considered the most beautiful presenter in all Mexican television. She oozed beauty and style with a sophisticated pink dress that allowed her toned figure to be highlighted.

After spending a weekend in the Mexican Caribbean, Paola Rojas returned to Mexico City with renewed spirits While returning to their daily activities and participating in their newscast “Al Air”, The “Netas Divinas” host also surprised with a sophisticated outfit It proves exactly why it is considered the benchmark of current fashion.

Paola Rojas gives a new example of her sophisticated style. Photo: IG: paolarojas

In one case the aforementioned dress Paola Rojas It is a sophisticated Fuchsia Color Set, One of these High waisted trousers that were too baggyAt the same time, in the upper part, more announcer is used long sleeve shirt, But the bodice was very short and its front part had only one button and two strips to form the wrist, so Part of the journalist’s stomach was exposed.

It is significant Paola Rojas used the neckline of said dress completely open so that the elegant necklace she used was best complimented. To round out the outfit, Luis Roberto Alves’ ex-wife “Jack” wore a pair of high-top sneakers in leather with different ribbons that went up to mid-calf.

At the end of his newscast, Paola Rojas He took the time to thank his followers for the support shown to him by watching his show and completing his release. She added a couple of photos where she flaunted a spectacular outfit that made her look even more gorgeous than usual.

Paola Rojas received dozens of compliments for her extraordinary beauty. Photo: IG: paolarojas

Publication of Paola Rojas It has not gone unnoticed by internet users Within minutes, he amassed nearly 2,500 likes. Plus, the accolades were immediate and could count by the dozens.

“What a beauty of a woman!”, “You are beautiful”, “Always so elegant”, “Every day so beautiful”, “A goddess” and “The most beautiful of all” A few days ago he confirmed it, some praise that can be read in the comment box of the publication of Paola Rojas. Gives you a new chance to love With architect and businessman Marcelo Imposti.

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