Pachuka Vs Sivas (4-2): Tussos dances to Guadalajara and avoids the classic

The Tuzos of Pachukka One more version was omitted this Sunday League Classic Sivas-America, Coming from behind, after removing the Holy Herd in the match playoff Guard 1 2021, Won 4-2 Hidalgo Stadium.

Led set Paolo Pesolano, Which was the last four days of the general schedule during the regular phase, They were able to advance to the quarterfinals of the championship, where they will face the United States, with two goals Roberto de la Rosa From two more federal defenders, Oscar Murillo.

It was only the 10th minute of the match when the Guadalajara team went to the front of the scoreboard, thanks to a good game Alexis Vega In the left panel, What ended Uriel Antuna A cross shot, beat Oscar Ustari.

The Sivas In the first half hour of the meeting they lived their best moments, and although they could express that little dominance, they could not do much damage, sThe situation where they paid so much in the filling area when the reaction of the locals came.

The tie came in the 51st minute when kicked into a corner, Oscar Murillo He hit with a powerful title. 2-1 Eight minutes later, in a play Gilberto Cebulveda He fell in the middle of the court and left the field free De la Rosa, He defined between the legs Dono Rodriguez.

At the final length of the match, kick back a corner. In a play very similar to tie two, Murillo He reappeared in the area and went 3-1 with the signing of the Colombian defender This gave Hidalgo much peace of mind that at the time it was already better on the pitch.

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89 per minute Roberto de la Rosa Place the last nail in the coffin of the holy flock. And even அந்துனா The penalty was close to 4-2 for the spectators, and already at the time of compensation, the frightening reaction was not enough to avoid a fall.

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